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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote)

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70k - 90k


11 days ago

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$70k - $90k + Equity

Full-time / Full-Remote


About Nutrisense

If you are a senior full-stack software engineer with strong architectural experience, please read on

We are a HealthTech startup with a mission to help anyone discover and reach their health potential. The Nutrisense mobile app leverages continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with access to virtual support from best-in-class nutritionists so that everyone, not just individuals with diabetes, can learn about their unique food responses, understand their metabolism, and reach health goals that lead to an optimized life.

Our customers range from the ultra-healthy trying to take their lives to new levels to individuals with diabetes trying to manage their disease. Our platform focuses on bringing individualized, real-time data about your metabolic health to the palm of your hand.

We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Full Stack Software Engineer to join our team. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for leading the architecture of our technical stack. This role will involve significant autonomy, including proactive identification of high-leverage technical initiatives. If you are interested in joining a mission-driven startup that is disrupting the health industry and cares about creating a dynamic environment for its employees, apply today.

What you can expect from us

    Remote: We were born fully remote, and all the processes and communication styles were developed to support this work model. We believe that in this model we waste less time commuting and we can have more time to grow as professionals and enjoy ourselves with our families.
    Global: Since day one, we have had people from different parts of the world, we truly believe that different life experiences and cultures can contribute better our company's vision.
    Adaptive Approach: We value swift decision-making and flexibility. Instead of being bogged down by non-functional processes, we quickly iterate to gather feedback and eliminate inefficiencies.
    Minimized Meetings: We recognize the importance of uninterrupted focus for our engineers. Our priority is to keep your calendar as free from meetings as possible, ensuring you have the dedicated time you need to excel.
    Your Ideas Matter: As someone interacting daily with our products, engineers like you are invaluable sources of innovation and insights. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.
    Coach: Let's co-create your growth path! We'll partner with you to understand the areas you excel in, identify those where there's room for advancement, and set clear, actionable goals to ensure your professional development aligns with both your personal ambitions and Nutrisense's vision.

What we expect from you:

    Clear Communication: Mastery of both verbal and written communication is essential. We value the ability to articulate thoughts succinctly, ensuring others have all the necessary information to collaborate effectively without ambiguity or superfluous details.
    Ownership: We don't have time to micro-manage people, If it's your task, own it. We trust you to deliver, but we're here for support.
    High Standard: A code well-written and well-tested requires less effort to maintain and makes it easier to introduce new functionality, also it makes us move fast.
    Coachability: Openness to feedback and more importantly, the ability to adapt and learn from it is paramount. We firmly believe it's the cornerstone of personal and professional evolution.

In This Role You Will:

    Increase team efficiency: You will work with our internal platform that impacts team efficiency, developing new tools to help our nutritionist team track our member's progress and provide insights to better help them.
    Improve our architecture: Understand bottlenecks in our current architecture, and propose and implement improvements.
    Collaboration: Help onboarding other engineers in parts of the system that you are more familiar with, provide mentorship to junior and mid-levels, and interact with Product Managers and other Stakeholders as a technical consultant.
    Cross-department contribution: Our website performance and UX are a critical part of our business as we have a lot of daily traffic. You will help to maintain its front end and backend of it.

To Thrive In This Role You Must Have:

    Experience: 5+ years of professional software development experience, 8+ is preferred.
    Frameworks: 3+ years of experience with React Native, Ruby on Rails, and GraphQL.
    System architecture: Experience with architecture, patterns, reliability, and scaling.
    Continuous delivery: Experience with CI/CD pipelines and agile software engineering practices.

Total Compensation Package For This Role Includes:

    Competitive Compensation Options - Your Choice of Base Salary + Equity.
    100% Remote Environment - No strings attached - We encourage our employees to travel and experience life as they see fit.
    Health Benefits
    Flexible PTO.
    Work From Home Reimbursement.
    Health & Fitness Reimbursement.
    Nutrisense Discounts.

Nutrisense has an organization-wide commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to create a work environment where everyone has a sense of belonging. Individuals from historically underrepresented or underserved communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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